Ares, The Mighty God of War!(actually war-like frenzy and bloodlust)BY: KEVIN AND STEVE
Ares depicted by the Greeks
Ares depicted by the Greeks

A Headshot of Ares Himself.
A Headshot of Ares Himself.
Greek name: Ares
Roman name: Mars
Nick names: Father of Victory, Leader of Men, and Ares of the Mighty Heart
Appearance: A bearded man at his prime
Strengths: Decisive, determined, fearless
Weaknesses:Impulsive, bloodthirsty, raring for a fight regardless of the consequences, lacked cunning, and strategy
Symbols: dogs, vultures, horses, swords, spear, red, and bronze jars and vases
Family: Zeus (Father), Hera (Mother), Athena (Sister)
Children: Harmonia, Fovos, Remus, Romulus, Diomedes and Cycnus of Macedonia

Who Was Ares?Ares, the god of war, was both handsome and cruel. He was emotional and passionate, and as a result, became irrational in battle. He was often thought of as a men holding on to a very bloody spear. Ares is considered to be similar to the Roman god Mars, but is generally thought to be more brutal and uncivilized. He would be seen entering a battle with other deities. Diemos, the personification of fear; Enyo, goddess of battle; Eris, the personification of discord; and Phobos, the personification of terror. Together, they would heighten the tension in a battle.
Ares's Birth and His Early Year
Hera, Ares's mother, used a magical herb to make herself pregnant, and then gave birth to Ares. Hera's reason for doing so was that Zeus gave birth to Dionysus by himself. For some reason, Zeus never cared for Ares, and neither did Hera. At one point of Ares's life, he went missing. Even when his own son went missing, Zeus did not try hard to look for his missing son. Ares was taken by the giant Aloadai twins, Otus and Ephialtes, and was kept in a bronze vase. Before Ares completely lost his mind, the stepmother of the twins found out and informed Hermes, whom was able to save Ares. Ares was then sent to live with Priapus by his mother. There, he learned how to dance and later, how to fight.
A picture of Ares ready for battle, with all of his gear on.
A picture of Ares ready for battle, with all of his gear on.

Ares Vs. Athena

The irony of him being the god of war was that even though he was well-trained, he was not a really great fighter. In fact, he lost most of his battles, especially the ones against his half-sister, as well as arch-enemy, Athena. Athena was the goddess of wisdom and war. She was also Zeus's favorite since she came from his head and when fighting, she fought with rationality. Ares fought with the Trojans, against the Greeks and the will of all the gods besides Aphrodite and Apollo, during the Trojan war. Athena was able to stop Ares by hitting him on the head with a rock after he came charging after her for taunting him. Later, he went to Zeus to tell what Athena had done to him. But Zeus said that Ares was nothing but a whiner who only liked to brawl.

Ares and His Family
Ares is a god that always allowed his emotions to take him over. One example of this was when one of his sons died in the Trojan War. Defying Zeus's order, Ares went down and fought in the Trojan War. When one of his daughters was raped by one of Poseidon's sons, Ares immediately killed him. Another time was when one of his sons, Cycnus, made a temple from the bones of travelers he killed. One traveler he came across was the hero, Hercules. Ares immediately went down to aid his son in this fight. But in the end, they were overpowered,
A picture of Ares after a battle has occurred.
A picture of Ares after a battle has occurred.
leaving Cycnus dead, and Ares wounded. He was not the type to wed, even though he had many children and over twenty lovers. These love affairs usually happened during a long span of time. Unlike the other gods, he did not do so with the use of trickery, rape, or abduction. One of his many lovers was the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Together, they were able to have four children. One of them being Harmony, who became the mother of the Amazons, a group of warrior women. Aphrodite became so important to Ares that when she fell in love with Adonis, he became so jealous that he took on the form of a wild boar and kill him. One time, the god of the sun spied on Ares with Aphrodite while in the hall of Hephaestus. Hephaestus, after hearing this, fabricated a net to ensnare the lovers. He was able to capture the two while in the act. Though, this made Hephaestus happy, it was not enough. So, he invited the other gods and goddesses to see what has happened to the two lovers. The goddesses did not attain, but the gods who did attained, wished to be in Ares's place. But in the end, they still mocked the two.

Ares and the Romans
After the Romans took over the Greeks, they converted the Greek's gods with their myths into Roman. This includes the Greek god of war, Ares. He was converted to the Roman god of war, Mars. The Romans revered Mars since he gave birth to the brothers Romulus and Remus, the people who will one day create Rome. Therefore, he got a great deal of respect.

Ares Today
The Greek god Ares, still has some influence to even this day. His name was used by NASA for a number of various rocket ships and space shuttles. His Roman counterpart, Mars, influences our life today as well. In our Solar system, we have a sun and the nine planets including the one dwarf planet, Pluto. Mars is a planet very close to our very own. It could have had life at one point. But the most important fact is that Mars is the Roman god of war. His counterpart being Ares, the Greek god of war. As you can see, this god had a big impact on the Greeks, on the Romans, and even us, right now.

Slide show of Ares

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