the god of war
roman name was Mars
Ares - The God of War

Important Information

Battled with: Deimos and Phobos (spirits of terror and fear), his sister Enyo (goddess of bloodshed), and Alala whose name became the battle war cry.
Symbol of Ares: The spear, burning tourch, dog, and the vulture.
Strengths: decisive, determined, and fearless

his sacred animals were the woodpecker, eagle owl, and especially the vulture


Ares, the god of war, was born to the supreme god Zeus and wife Hera in the town of Thrace. The god of war was very handsome and tall with long brown hair, but was very cruel. He loved the thrill of battle and often carried a blood-stained spear. His throne that was located on Mount Olympus was said to be covered in human's skin.
The Symbol of Ares


Zeus, the supreme Greek God, and his wife Hera were the parents of their sole child Ares. They did not seem to care for their son and also didn't give him much love and nurturing. Sympathy did occur to them when it came to the activities that their son took place in. It is said that if Ares parents would have cared, he most likely would have only been considered the God of minor conflicts. He had three siblings, two sisters and one brother. There names were Hebe, Hephaestus (who is the brother), and Eileithyia. While Ares was cruel and his brother was the nice one out of the two. Not much else was known about Ares childhood.

Ares Affairs & Children

The god of war was never married to anyone but he was known to have affairs with many women, including one named Aphrodite(the Goddess of romance and beauty).His main love was war and bloodshed, but he started to focus on her the most. Aphrodite was married unfortunitly to another god named Hephaistos. That didn't seem to stop the two though. They got caught one day and all the male gods watched them without Ares or Aphrodite knowing. The two of them ended up having two children together. Their names were Eros and Cycnus. He had other numerous aff
Ares and Aphrodite
airs with other women, that were mostly humans and had more children like: Otrerne who became the Queen of the Amazon and many others.

Obsession With War

Ares was a cold, bloodthirsty god who had a very strange love for war. It was his passion and what he lived his life to do. Because Ares killed so many mortals, he was hated by the Greeks, both gods and humans. His own parents disliked him for it too. Ares would go and fight in battles and wars with the humans just to kill people and feed his impulsive habit. Ares was not concerned about giving justice or settling with peace at all. He loved the thrill so much that he was raring for a fight no matter what the cost was. Ares the god of war, was a great warrior and he was very strong as well, but he lacked some qualities that were important in a time of war. Those qualities were coming up with a strategy, being cunning, and moral decency. Which didn't get him anywhere when he was being kicked off of the battlefield when the humans wanted to settle in peace instead of blood shed. He had four main god-like figures that came along with him, they were: Deimos and Phobos (spirits of terror and fear), his sister Enyo (goddess of bloodshed), and Alala whose name became the battle war cry. The five of them together, they would become united. He fought in the Trojan war, on the side of the Trojans, but he was injured when Athena threw a bolder on him. Ares fought in many other battles during his time.

Ares was a very strong War God
Ares and the Giants

One of the known myths that are told about Ares, the god of war, is him being captured by two giants. These giants names are Otus and Ephiatles, they were both very strong and aggresive. These two giants were part of the Aloadae, and they threw Ares into a bronze urn and chained him up. Ares remanded trapped in the urn for 13 months, which is also a lunar year. If it was not for Eriboea, the giants stepmother, had not told Hermes about what the giants had done, that would have been the end of Ares and his love for battle. Ares was in the urn howling and moaning until Hermes came to rescue him and Hermes tricked the Aloadae into killing eachother. After that Ares killed the giants son who was an enemy of the gods. This one was of the few myths that were told about Ares.

The Temple of Ares

The temple of Ares is still around today, it is one of the only ones that still stand in Greece. Ares temple is an example of a "wandering temple". The dimensions of the structure show that it is indeed a very old building that dates back up until 450-440 B.C., which was considered to be the high period of the classical art. Which dates back into the 5th century B.C.E. His temple was located in the ancient part of Agora of Athens.
The layout of Ares Temple

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