Grading & Deadlines – Points will be earned at different stages of the process for a maximum of 100 points.

The following due date schedule must be adhered to for the best opportunity to earn the optimum score:

Points Awarded
Due Date

· Using the attached format graph, identify what parts of the front page will accommodate the required material
· Incorporate all the elements required in a manner that best illustrates the articles, the overall visual appearance and the even use of space
5 pts

· Develop the banner including the name of the paper, the date, price, and “eye catching headlines” that will draw readers to the paper
· Incorporate into the previously approved layout
5 pts

Rough Draft of articles/Work Cited Page

· Rough drafts of all three articles are handed in WITH the word count and authors’ names included on each piece – each piece will be reviewed for elements listed on the rubric
· Abstracts are added on a separate page in the necessary number of words.
· Work cited is completed within the guidelines of the IMC MLA format.

30 pts

Full FINAL Product
· Final drafts of all three articles with the work cited and abstracts are presented on the due date.
· Front page poster is completed, including all the requirements outlined on the rubric.
· Shows distinctive improvement from the rough draft
50 pts

Presentation of Front Page
On the due date, you will present your front page to the class.
You will need to offer the following:
o a brief description of the articles
o an explanation as to why you laid out the paper as you did
o How the elements work together

10 pts

100 pts