Update from Mrs. Colantuono

Hello all. If you are on this site now that school is over I have two things to tell you. First....hi! Second...why in the world are you here?!!!! If you are looking to get in touch you can reach me at my home email of karinc5987@comcast.net

Welcome to Freshman English I!

This wikispace will be our portal into all aspects of our semester together in Freshman English I. We will work together, through this wikispace to create new and amazing activities. Remember that although this will be a thorough, but not perfect, place to find numerous pieces of material, it will be your responsibility to be prepared during all aspects of our course.

Course Overview

Freshman English I includes the following:
Reading - Four Major Pieces & supplimental selections - Support materials will be posted on this wiki
Writing - Narrative, Journal, Persuasive and Informational Assignments
Grammar - Ten new lessons
Vocabulary - Ten new units


Assignments, quizzes and class participation are all considered graded activities. The grading scale in this class is broken down by course and exam segements; 80% of the overall grade will be made up of quizzes, homework/classroom assignments and writing. The remaining 20% incompasses the two exams (mid term and final)

Contacting the Teachers

If you have any questions drop me a line